Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to Get Amazon Prime for FREE

Stumbled on these two programs by accident on Amazon. Prime is the upgraded option on Amazon that gives you free two day shipping on most items. It normally costs $79 a year, unless . . .

1. You are a student currently enrolled in some type of schooling. If so, click here to find out more about
Amazon Student.

2. You have a young child. If so, you probably qualify for Amazon Mom. Note that you don't have to actually be a mom to qualify for this . . . as long as you are one of the primary caregivers, you qualify. I am now a proud Amazon Mom.

Has anyone heard of these before, or did I just miss it? Any other programs out there like this that we should be aware of?


  1. We are members of Amazon Mom, Sarah has gotten diapers really cheap with online promos, coupons, etc. combined with Amazon Mom rates.

  2. Yeah, forgot to mention that you get a lot of discount with these programs as well. Diapers and baby items on Amazon Mom, textbook discounts with Amazon Student. Thanks Angelo.